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Ultrasound Training

NDHCA is an institute of Ultrasound Course for healthcare professional that is providing innovative, high quality and relevant online ultrasound courses for doctors. This ultrasound course is providing flexibility to professional undertaking obstetric; gynecology or abdominal ultrasound courses for those want to improve their skill with practical ultrasound training course. Our team of research and development design a course that will provide practical as well as theoretical knowledge. Our supportive staff of Ultrasonography will develop your academic ability and clinical skill to fight with challenge of future in Ultrasonography. Our online ultrasound course for doctors is all India recognised ultrasound courses. Obstetrics ultrasound course is one the major course in our program.

NDHCA has number of short ultrasound courses for doctors. We are providing ultrasound courses online such as MSK Ultrasound, podiatry, GP Ultrasound, Early pregnancy ultrasound course, A&E ultrasound, Urology and basic, 3rd trimester pregnancy growth ultrasound. We are also providing full time postgraduate ultrasound course program for doctors, physicians, surgeon, nurses, and MBBS and BAMS doctors. Our ultrasound full time program is musculoskeletal ultrasound upper Limb, musculoskeletal ultrasound lower Limb, musculoskeletal ultrasound upper Hip and Groin, Soft tissue, Gynecology Ultrasound, First Trimester ultrasound, second and third trimester obstetric ultrasound, General ultrasound and Superficial ultrasound. We are also providing specific ultrasound courses such as Abdominal Ultrasound courses, Cardiac Ultrasound Courses, Medical ultrasound courses, Diagnostic Ultrasound course, Pelvic Ultrasound Courses, Cardiac Ultrasound Courses for physicians, Doppler ultrasound courses and Ultrasonography courses.

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