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NDHCA is providing Diploma, Certification and training to all allopathic doctors in Ultrasonography in Raipur who wish to perform Ultrasonography diagnostic and therapeutic purpose to help patience. Our Ultrasound Center is authorised to provide you 1 year courses or certificate to MBBS Doctors in Raipur. Ultrasound Diploma is awarded by UGC Recognized University in Raipur. Ultrasonography Course in Raipur will cover detail topic like as basic physics and instrumentation, medical and surgical ultrasound, obstetrical ultrasound, gynecological ultrasound, color Doppler in obs. and gynae. Online Sonography diploma courses in Raipur will include in practical process like as patient demonstrations, Case Studies, Videos and details theory discussion on all topic in Raipur. Ultrasound course in Raipur admission process will include a application form with demand draft and relevant document such as 10th mark sheet and certification, 12th mark sheet and certificate MBBS Certificate and registration copy.
NDHCA offer a 6 days certificate and training program of Abdominal Ultrasonography for MBBS (sonologist), physicians and surgeons. A sort training program of abdominal ultrasound will help to provide essential learning and diagnosing tool for practicing sonologist, surgeon and physician to help their patients arrive at correct diagnosis and better management of ailments in Raipur. Ultrasound Abdominal Certificate program will cover ultrasound physics principal and instrumentation, Ultrasound abdomen normal and abnormal anatomy, liver 1 normal anatomy, development anomalies, congenital abnormalities, liver 2 infectious diseases, metabolic disorders, cirrhosis, vascular abnormalities and liver neoplasm, trauma, Gall Bladder, Pancreas, Spleen, Kidney, Urinary bladder, prostate, gastro, adrenals, retro peritoneum, great vessels aorta/IVS, Abdominal wall, pleura, pericardium and many more.
NDHCA is providing 6 days certificate & training program in obstetric & Gynecology ultrasound in Raipur for MBBS (Sonologist) and Physicians. Ultrasound certificate program will cover ultrasound physics, Gynecology, Ovaries, Fallopian Tubes, PID, Post Partum Uterus, Pelvic Pathologies, RPOCS, Infertility Pathologies, TVS and its role in infertility ultrasound, obstetric ultrasound, color Doppler in obs. and Gynae. NDHCA ultrasound courses centre in Raipur will offer you all details. The classes of 6 days training and certificate will be held in Raipur.

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